Milo drinks a coffee

Milo drinks a coffee

The Descendents have been influential in the world of punk rock since their 1982 debut, Milo Goes To College, which is still at the top of most greatest punk rock records of all time lists. They’re mostly known for their iconic logo featuring singer Milo Aukerman and their indisputable love of coffee! 

One of their most classic songs, Coffee Mug, has been a staple in the band’s live shows since its release on the record Everything Sucks


The song's lyrics describe an obsession and love of the beverage and how they don’t need drugs or alcohol when they have coffee at their disposal. How their “liquid drug of choice” is all they need to succeed through different situations. 

What was the impetus behind the song’s creation? It’s simple, the band’s love of coffee! 

Drummer Bill Stevenson (who coincidentally played on the Black Flag song Black Coffee) co-wrote the song alongside guitarist Stephen Egerton and has been quoted that he drinks twelve cups of espresso just to get himself ready for a show and drank twenty cups after having open heart surgery. 

While we, along with medical professionals, don’t necessarily recommend that amount of over-caffeination, the band are clearly coffee aficionados and enjoy the beverage which has positively impacted their legacy by inspiring a classic song in the band’s catalog. 

Need some excellent coffee to enjoy while listening to Milo Goes to College, We’ve got you covered.

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